Reading Together

All of the children in KS2 (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6) have been taking part in an exciting new Reading challenge in partnership with the Cumberland News, called Reading Together.

Each week they have been taking home a copy of the local newspaper to read with a Reading partner (mams, dads, grandparents etc).Their home Reading Partners have been a fantastic support with this and have helped their child to find out what is happening in the news in Cumbria, and then to complete an activity each week linked to something they have found interesting in the newspaper (eg Who is making the headlines this week and why?).

 The children have also been extremely busy making scrapbooks of news they have read that they want to share with us in class. Reading Partners have also been setting their children challenges to create interesting presentations of news reports and headlines etc. We are excited to see these in class each week! We can't wait to write our own newspaper reports in class next term, as we feel that all of this reading we have been doing at home will really help us with our own writing too!

 Thank you to all of our Reading Partners at home for their support with this Reading project!