Sporting Provision

Children at Derwent Vale have the opportunity to be involved in inter and intra school competitions within
football, cricket, netball, dodgeball, athletics and many more sports.

Derwent Vale are unique as they organise and hold the small schools gala for Workington consortium schools.

Curriculum Details

At Derwent Vale we follow the Suffolk P.E. Scheme, teaching Athletics Activities, Dance,
Games Skills, Gymnastics, Outdoor & Adventurous Activities and Swimming.

Sports Funding

Sports Grant 2016-2017

Derwent Vale use funding to enhance provision eg:

  • Sports team transport

  • Resources

  • Specialist coaching

  • Swimming

  • Competitions calendar - Allerdale and St Josephs


The impact of sports funding has been evident though the following:

  • We have reached Level 3 in cricket 2017.
  • We finished in the top 3 in the netball competition for the first time.
  • KS1 team finished runners up in the dodgeball competition for the first time.
  • We now have two PE Co-ordinators enabling onto focus on KS1 and the other to focus on KS2.
  • Release time to provide training to all staff including lunchtime supervisors.
  • Achieving Sainsbury School Games Gold 2015/16 and are reapplying for Gold this academic year.
  • A wider variety of sports offered e.g. rounders, dodgeball, archery and climbing.
  • 100% of children have been involved in extra-curricular sport.
  • The school has formed numerous strong links with the community to encourage children to participate in sport out of school hours and during holidays - rugby, motocross, cricket, karate, gymnastics, dance, swimming and many more.
  • Sport now has a high profile in school and pupil responses show great enjoyment, increased confidence and self-belief.
  • Lunch time play consists of a variety of zoned activities with Youth Sports Leaders helping and encouraging the younger children.


Please click below to view our Sporting Spirit Values

The role of a Youth Sports Leader is to:
help organise and put away equipment at break and lunch times,
help all other children in the playground with games and activities,
check sports equipment for faults with lunch time supervisors
and to voice the thoughts and ideas from pupils throughout the school
with regards to PE and Sport within school.


Hi I'm Lorton and I feel I would be a great Youth Sport Leader as I am extremely sporty and have a lot of skills to help others.

I'm Connor and I love football and showing little children how to play
different games.

Hey my name is Elise and I am really good at hula hooping and skipping.

Also, I have good core strength from karate.

Hello my name is Josh and I enjoy playing all sports.

My favourite sport is football and I would like to be a professional keeper someday.

I have patience, am self-disciplined and determined.

These skills are important to help improve.

Hi I'm Hayden and I love sport.

I feel I have good patience so I could take time with the little children to help them achieve.

Hi my name is Ebony and my favourite sport is motocross.

I can show all the children of Derwent Vale the importance of determination, a positive attitude and discipline.

Hi my name is Zac and I love all sports.

I am good at most sports and can show others how to play properly.

My name is Tamoah and I like to help others.

I enjoy sports and think you should have a go at everything.

Hello my name is Maddison and I'm the hula hoop champion of my class.

I can beat some of the big boys and girls.

As well as the Youth Sports Leaders, each class have children who lead warm-ups and cool-downs in PE.

Also, the Year 5/6 class help with the organisation of sports day and any other sporting events.


Summer Term


Sport Day Year Groups Time Where Teacher/Coach
Table Tennis Tuesday 3-4 3-4 pm Hall David Wise
Rounders Wednesday 1-2 3-4 pm Field Miss Greer


Multi Skills Club
John Gibson: Cricket
Chris Hodgson: Cricket
Zara Relph: Hockey
David Wise: Tennis and Table Tennis
Mrs Millar & Miss Earlston: Swimming
Rob Jefferson: Tennis
Dave Gibson: Skip2BFit and Box2BFit