We've received several emails from members of the public who've found our Parliament week stones and got in touch to let us know about positive changes they were inspired to make!

Here's just a selection of some of the emails we've received.

We found a stone on the cycle track which is part of the c2c from Whitehaven to Tynemouth.

We are going to cycle more rather than use the car. This is better for the environment and we will also get fitter.


We found one of your stones recently! Chloe was delighted. We participate in 'Dearham rocks' which is a group where we paint and hide rocks to find in and around Dearham and further afield.

As a family we were at Dearham winter fayre at the weekend, Chloe's daddy makes and sells handmade items, so we are, as a family striving towards the ethos of keeping local businesses in business by buying and selling local!

The week before, Chloe's daddy donated items to schools and nursery's for the Remembrance Day memorials - this was for schools to make displays and for nurseries to decorate.

This week Chloe's mammy has donated money for a charity to buy books for children in India - here is a video of the children getting their books.

We have also donated money to the Booktrust, this is a charity that gives books to children who are looked after in care, this means their mammy and daddy can't look after them, at Christmas.

We hope this is what you are looking for!!

Anna xx

A stone has reached me - I live in Aberporth on the West Wales coast and our village is as plastic-free as possible: no plastic straws etc. and we can buy milk in proper glass bottles! We made it onto the national news as all the shops and cafes are involved. Our local council also collect recyclable material, and there is a bottle bank in the village.

I hope this initiative makes the children think a bit more about their environment.


Found in Workington, re-hidden.

At our work recently we have been having a bake sale for a local cat charity in Keswick and collecting underwear to send to ladies in less economically developed countries.

Good morning.

Isobel age 6 from Lancashire found Harry's stone in Rovaniemi, Finland. It really made her smile as she loves painting stones at home and hiding them in the local park. She's had an amazing time in Lapland and hopes Harry did as well.

Hello Lola

We found your stone! We attach a photograph of your stone that we found at Dubs Hut on our way up to Haystacks. In 2003 my now husband asked me to marry him in that hut, and we visit it twice a year when we climb up to Haystacks. It is our favourite place in England. We found your stone outside the gate of the hut but it was getting very wet and the colour has run. We replaced the stone in the window gap inside the porch so it is protected from the rain but can still be seen by those visiting the hut. My name is Hazel and I work at the University of Winchester. At our University we are passionate about 'green' issues. We recycle chewing and bubble gum to make coffee cups. I attach a photograph of our coffee cups. The university gives each new student and each new staff member a coffee cup on joining us. We use these instead of disposable cups when we buy hot drinks in our cafes. This saves on waste. You can read more about it here.

My husband, Simon, works for the University of Southampton. They encourage staff to car share to reduce carbon emissions. Those who car share can get reduced price car parking on campus. Those staff who own cars with lower emissions can also get cheaper car parking. We have a low emissions car so Simon gets cheaper parking.

We are currently on holiday so have sent this email from my personal email account. If you would like to reply to me then you may prefer to use my work account: I would love to hear more about how many stones have been found and what news you have received.

Happy new year!
Hazel & Simon

Hi there,

Primary 1 at Braehead School in Aberdeen, Scotland were delighted to find your rock!

This month we have been taking part in lots of activities to make a difference in our community.

Reverse Advent Calendar
Every child was allocated a day in December. On that day, they were asked to bring in a donation for a local food bank. In return, they got to open the class chocolate advent calendar for that day! So far, we are gathering a fantastic collection of food to help families less fortunate than ourselves.

Toy for Cash4 Kids
Primary 1 have worked hard to raise money to buy a toy for a local toy appeal which donates Christmas presents to children who would not receive a gift on Christmas day, The children donated old toys from home that they no longer wanted. We held a class toy sale where children paid 50p to purchase a toy.

We raised £22. We walked to the local supermarket where we purchased a Christmas present for a little boy - a cuddly dinosaur and a Star Wars Lego set We also purchased a toy for a little girl - a doll and a Polly Pocket set.

We have a post on our school blog if you want to see some photos. https://braehead.aberdeen.sch.uk

Feel free to ask if you want any further information.

Gillian Low (Primary 1 teacher)