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Lunchtime for children in Units 1 (Morning Nursery and Reception and 2 (Years 1 & 2) begins at 11.45am followed by a second sitting at 12.15pm for Units 3 (Years 3&4) and 4 (Years 5&6).

The Afternoon Nursery have their lunch at 12.15pm in their own classroom.

School lunches are available to all children at a cost of £11.00 per week and £7.00 for Nursery children.

All Reception, Year 1 and 2 children receive free school meals.

Dinner money must be paid on Monday for the week. (Tuesday at the latest). If dinner monies remain unpaid for a period of 2 weeks pupils will automatically move to packed lunches provided from home until the debt is cleared.

If you think your child/ren may be entitled to free school meals then please contact the office or new application for free school meals and clothing grant can now be made on-line at:

Dolce School Meal Menu

Spring 2019

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