Nobody here but us chickens!

In a land and time far far away, Miss Nichol, after much careful thought and consideration, decided that the EYFS was far too quiet.

"I know," she pondered "we need some animals in here to liven things up! An elephant would not get through the door, and might eat all the buns, a tiger would want to drink tea all the time and a whale would want to go swimming! Aha! Chickens!"

And so the plan was hatched. Or rather, the chickens were.

Here is how it all began.

 The Chicken Chronicles




When Farmer Bob came to visit

How it all began ...

All adventures need a beginning, and this is the start of Derwent Vale's adventure with the chickens.

Farmer Bob visited our school to show the children just what chickens look like, how to hold them properly without hurting either themselves or the chickens and to leave some VIE's ( Very Important Eggs!)

Little did the children (and staff!) know just how excited and interested they would all become in the progress of the incubation of the chickens;
when the first one hatched, well, we all felt like proud parents!



The Chicken Coop

It became quite clear that even though the chickens had only been with us a short time, like all growing families their first home was not big enough for them to grow. So, after much thought, it was decided to upgrade their accommodation. This was no easy task as the needs of the chickens and the children needed to be taken into account when designing and building the new chicken coop.






Baking with our own eggs

We all love to bake.

Unit 1 all love to bake. Sometimes it can be tricky getting everything together but we now know that we have one ingredient always on hand ; EGGS!!

Even chickens need a holiday!

During the long summer holiday, the chickens need somewhere safe to live, so, instead of 'farming them out' the chickens were moved lock, stock and chicken coop to Miss Nichol's home.

It was a delicate operation moving them, but, in the end, the chickens all enjoyed a fantastic staycation with Miss Nichol.




Meeting the chickens

Not only were the chickens returning to school after a lovely break with Miss Nichol, they were also introduced to Reception children early in September. I wonder who were most nervous, the chickens, or the children!?






Our new arrivals!

After much thought, Miss Nichol decided that Bob, one of our roosters, would be better off if he moved to another home better suited to his needs, and so, with heavy heart, Bob, along with some other chickens, left Derwent Vale school for pastures new.

However, Bob left a huge hole in our lives, and so meet our newest arrivals! After an initial settling in period, it is as though we have always had them. And, on another note entirely, teachers have discovered they are an ideal example of symmetry in nature!!