Strive for 5

In school and at home we love to read. Every week the children try their very best to read five times to an adult, which is then recorded in our lovely new, specially made Reading Journals. If they manage to do this, then they achieve their weekly Strive for 5 and get a little treat from their class teacher.

At the end of each half term or term, all the children who have achieved their Strive for 5 get a special reward. As you will see from our newsletters, we are having great success with our Strive for 5, with the vast majority of children consistently reading at least five times a week at home.

Strive for 5 really DOES make a difference to your child's reading ability which is why this is a whole school initiative.

Check out our special half-termly rewards!



Reading Journals

Don't forget that our new Reading Journals are a great way for you to help support your child's learning at Derwent Vale. As well as being a place for you to record their weekly reading progress at home, you will also find:

* an example of the beautiful cursive handwriting script which all our children use;

* spelling lists for your child's year group;

* times tables for your child to learn by heart.