Our New Reading Scheme

At Derwent Vale, we are passionate about helping our pupils become confident and life-long readers. As well as having a range of Oxford Reading Tree books, Project X books and free-choice books to support this, we are delighted that we now also have a wonderful new Reading Scheme at Derwent Vale! We have invested a good deal of money in ensuring that we have books of the highest quality throughout the school at all levels to ensure that our readers are inspired and able to access a range of texts from across the reading genres. Every book is unique - the wide range of exciting fiction includes well-loved classics and traditional tales, poetry and plays, while the interesting range of non-fiction encourages our pupils to explore topics from sport to science.

How you can help at home

We know that as part of our Strive for Five initiative you actively support our school by helping your child to read at home. With our new Collins Big Cat reading scheme, there are helpful questions and ideas at the back of every single book for you to discuss with your child to help support their knowledge and understanding of the text. Sharing a book together with your child is bonding, relaxing and gives you the opportunity to escape into another world with your child. Reading for pleasure will help develop your child's vocabulary, communication, concentration, empathy and imagination.