No you haven't gone mad and yes you have read correctly. We have gone and bought ourselves a double decker bus!

Using money raised from various fundraising events over the years we aim to convert our bus into a very unusual classroom for
all the children to enjoy.

We would like to say a huge thank to all the fundraisers past and present, parents, families, staff and the children
for their continuing support to the school.

We are extremely excited about our new adventure and if you have any ideas or suggestions we would love to hear from you.

15 June

Mrs O'Donnell has a hidden talent!

In a previous life she used to reupholster bus seats!

Well .... she managed to keep quiet for so long until one day she let it slip.

Introducing our newest member of the bus crew!

With her newly appointed apprentices (Mrs Edmondson and Miss Nichol) the bus seats are nearly complete.

Check out the photos.



More News!

A few little helpers appeared as Mrs O'Donnell and her apprentices were busy in the hall.

The kids did a great job helping us move the newly reupholstered seats onto the bus and pack the old ones in the car to go to the tip.

What great team work!




8 June

Gavin from MP Auto Detailing in Cockermouth has been busy putting on a window tint to reduce the sun and heat upstairs.

Doesn't it look fab!

Even Angel couldn't wait to get on the bus to have look.


6 May

AA Carpets have been busy fitting the carpet in the bus.

Doesn't it look amazing!



28 April

We have colour!

The Rotary Club of Workington have very kindly donated £200 towards purchasing some new books for the library area on our bus.

We are very excited and thankful for the kind donation.

We will be busy book shopping soon!


We had a visit from Carl and Sharon from Carillon to discuss the next stages of our bus plan!

 We are very excited that Carillon are here to help and Andy will be coming in to get
measured up for the work to start.

Keep a look out for updates and pictures


Andy came from Carillion to take a look at the bus.
He is sorting out tools and equipment as we speak so
fingers crossed the work will get started soon.
Watch out for updates!