Anyone for tea?

On the afternoon of Tuesday 5th February 2013, genteel manners and cups of tea were the order of the day at Derwent Vale Primary and Nursery School. The school hall, normally the scene of assemblies, PE lessons and school lunches, was transformed in a very short space of time to resemble a tea room ready to rival the Ritz in London.

Pupils from the school invited grandparents and neighbours to take part in a Tea Afternoon, funded by the Mother's Union in recognition of local areas that had suffered the effects of the recent catastrophic flooding that hit Cumbria.

All year groups from Nursery to Year 6 had been hard at work during the earlier part of the week preparing food and table decorations to make sure the Tea Afternoon would be one to remember.

Children had also been practising songs to entertain their guests, making sure the event ended with everyone leaving the Afternoon Tea with a song in their heart.