Our Magical Adventure!

Last year children in the Early Years Foundation Stage were whisked away for a magical adventure and rescued a kidnapped teddy bear!

A magical boat from Keswick transported children with their magical passports across calm, tranquil waters to a land where children could go on a fantastic treasure hunt...the only problem was that at the end of the treasure hunt was a witches cabin!! Luckily, the witch wasn't at home that day, and left biscuits for the children to eat. Phew!

Those pesky fairies that had stolen Miss Nichol's special teddy bear, Ted, lived in the magical kingdom too, and by a quirk of fate, had left Ted just where he could be found! The fairies left some magic fairy dust for the children to make wishes and blow into the lake. Who knows if the fairies were still watching?

Children had a fabulous Teddy Bear's picnic in a Big House before building tepees and playing down by the lake.

As we packed up our bags to head home for the day, a tired feeling came our way. Zzzzzzzzzzzz......

Was it just a wonderful dream?

No! We have pictures, and a teddy, to prove it actually happened!