Gardening Week  

For one week in 2012, friends, family, local businesses, Governors, teachers, local residents and all the pupils of Derwent Vale Primary and Nursery School came together with the common aim of transforming a tired looking playground and grass area into something spectacular.

All hands came together as tree roots were dug out, stones were painted, plants were sown in their own allotment area, coats of paint were given to everything that stood still for more than two minutes, concrete was removed and a general good tidy up was done.

At the end of a tiring week during which children tackled mathematical problems and applied practical solutions, worked in teams, persevered with difficult tasks ( tree roots, anyone?!) and developed social skills otherwise not tapped into, the end result was a playground and grass area to be proud of.

The children also helped to build a greenhouse made out of recycled empty 2LTR drink bottles which looks absolutely fantastic!