Friendship Salad

Today in Class 4 we listened to a story about good friends and then we made a Friendship Salad.

Each ingredient represented things that make us a good friend to have in our class:

  • Hard and crispy apples for the hard workers in our class who respect each other and try their best.

  • A bunch of grapes because we need friends who can stick together and help each other out. They share and take turns, and make sure everyone is included.

  • Kiwi berries represented those friends who are not afraid to try something new and give new friendships a try.

  • A tin of mixed fruit because we need all kinds of friends.

  • A soft Satsuma because friends should use gentle and kind words to each other.

  • Watermelon because the seeds add a little bit of fun, just like a good friend does.

Class 4 insisted that we shouldn't add the rotten banana into our delicious mix.

We thought about what behaviours make the banana rotten and the Class decided it would be things like:

  • Hurting others

  • Calling Names

  • Not sharing

  • Forcing people to do things only you want to do

  • Not being respectful towards their feelings

  • Leaving others out

We then ate our Friendship Salad and it was delicious and made us feel happy, like all good friendships should.

We also made our own Friendship Potions which helped us to think more closely about how we can be positive friends to others.