British Values

We have been thinking a lot about British Values in Class 4. To help us understand the work of Parliament we took part in some hands-on activities. Using a Parliament loan box, full of exciting resources, we took part in a debate as though we were in the House of Commons. Earlier in the week, we had been working on using positive and negative numbers in our Maths lessons, so we started to think about when we might use negative numbers in real life. We planned a budget as though we were in Government and had to decide what we would spend our money on and give priority to out of:

  •  Welfare

  •  Education

  •  Health care

  •  Transport

  •  Defence

  •  Pensions

  •  Protection

  •  Building theme parks

  •  Maintaining recreation/green spaces

We soon realised that if we bought everything we would like for the country then we would be in danger of going into a deficit budget, which was good practise for using negative numbers linked to money.

Next, in our English lessons, we planned a debate linked to our Maths lessons and International Space Week (because we have been reading "Moon Man" as our Power of Reading book). We had to decide whether we would spend some of our budget on Space Exploration or decide whether the money would be better spent on other issues in the UK. It was excellent practise for planning a persuasive argument as we had to decide whether we would be For or Against spending on Space Exploration. Once we had decided which side of the argument we stood on, we worked in groups to plan a persuasive argument. Our audience was Mrs White’s Year 3 children, and they had to listen to our debates and then decide which side of the argument they would vote for in the ballot box.

We took these debates very seriously, processing into the hall as though we really were Members of Parliament in the House of Commons. Dayne was our fantastic Speaker of the House of Commons who kept us all in "Order Order!" and guiding each group to the Despatch box for their turn to speak. Year 3 decided that the "For" argument had been the most persuasive as it received the most votes in the ballot box.

We then had the pleasure of listening to some fantastic persuasive arguments on whether or not we should have school uniform from Year 3. Class 4 voted in favour of school uniform. It was wonderful to see all our children standing up and being able to speak confidently in front of both classes. Everyone listened very respectfully and Mrs White and I were impressed to see how carefully the children considered both sides of the arguments before voting. Well done everyone - it was great to see democracy in action!