Mothers' Day

Class 4 have been thinking about why our mothers and other important people who take care of us are so special. To celebrate Mothers' Day, we made some heart-shaped biscuits and sprinkled them with hundreds and thousands, because there are hundreds and thousands of reasons why we love our Mams!




We chose materials to design a card and made them using collage.

We wrote our own poems (using rhyme and rhythm) to explain to our mothers some of the many reasons why we love them.

Here is Charlie's poem:

Dear Mam
You wash my clothes,
You blow my nose
And clip my toes.

You make me smile,
I laugh for a while.
I love you Mam,
To the day I die.
Love Charlie

Here is Laiton's poem:

You are the light in my night,
You gave me life and height.
You'll help me when I'm down,
You bring me up when I frown.
I love you Mum, lots and lots,
From Laiton